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Paying the right social grant, to the right person, at the right time and place. NJALO!

Front row from left: Lebogang Mokobane (Information and Communication Technology) Pamela Tshefu (Human Capital Provision Management) Zoliswa Ncobela (Human Capital Management) Zandile Nkosi (Human Capital Management) Makungo Ronewa (Human Capital)  Thabo Mogola (Grants Administration) Second row from left: Dumisho Johnson (Travel) Thakampe Mahlatji (Internal Audit) Lunga Nkuzo (Finance) Malwandla Hlengani (Grants Administration) Anelisa Mthathi (Information and communication Technology) Vusi Seloma (Information and Communication Technology) Abednigo Bangani (Communications) Zizile Ndwandwe (Legal Service) Third row from left: Phenyo Moloisi (Finance) Sango Gobo ( Strategy and Busines Development) Justice Matshikiri (Human Capital Management) Rapula Meso (Communications) Babalo Qingane (Internal Audit). 
By Abednigo Bangani & Rapula Meso

The South African Social Security Agency is delighted to welcome a new group of interns who joined the Agency with effect from 01 August 2019 from various institutions of higher learning. This is an active plan of government to cover the gap of youth unemployment. The aforementioned interns are going to be involved in a training process for a period of 12 months with the intention of providing them with practical exposure within their eligible spheres of learning.

The newly appointed interns have been received by various units/branches within SASSA Head Office such as Communications, Internal Auditing, Legal services, Corporate Services etc. The new interns have expressed their profound appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity given to them.
All candidates were looking forward to fully function in their respective units to contribute with their expertise to the Agency, this is what some of the candidates had to say:
“It is a great opportunity and I am excited to be in this journey with SASSA, The opportunity will afford me the accreditation I wanted to get for me to be a developer and business analyst” – Anelisa Mthathi from Information and Communication Technology.

“I feel grateful and honored for the opportunity given to me by SASSA considering the current statistics in relation to the unemployment of youth” – Sango Gobo from Strategy and Business Development.
“It is hard to tell it has been little over one to four days of being deployed as a Legal Service intern, It is an amazing experience hence you get to know how things are being done practically” – Zizile Ndwandwe from Legal Services.

Payingthe right social grant, to the right person, at the right time and place.NJALO!


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