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Our-Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
A leader in the delivery of social security services.

Our Mission
Provide social security and related services to eligible people in South Africa.

 Our Values
 SASSA’s values are:

  • Integrity – being honest, accountable, reliable and showing high moral values.
  • Compassion – showing sympathy and concern; embodying heart for all stakeholders and beneficiaries
  • Fairness – treating everyone equally.
  • Respect – showing due regard for the rights and obligations of others.


        SASSA operates according to the Batho-Pele principles, having institutionalised the following:

  • Transparency – being open in all communication and engagements
  • Professionalism – observing the highest standards with respect to be reliable, deliver work of the highest quality, on time, behaving in a manner worthy of the SASSA creed
  • Customer centric – putting customer needs at the forefront of everything we do
  • Confidentiality – being respectful of the need to safeguard confidential information
  • Courtesy – being polite, civil and showing good manners to all we engage with.
  • Responsibility – doing what is expected of us to do
  • Accountability – taking ownership for our actions


       SASSA is relevant and adds value because it:

  • Contributes to poverty alleviation.
  • Contributes to individual social well-being
  • Is the delegated Agency mandated to administer social assistance
  • Provides a safety net to the most vulnerable.


        SASSA’s strategic outcomes as published in the 2020 – 2025 Strategic Plan remain         unchanged; they are:

  • Reduced poverty levels;
  • Economic transformation – empowered individuals and sustainable communities;
  • Improved customer experience; and
  • Improved organisational efficiencies.