500 000 Social Grant Beneficiaries Need to Sign Funeral Insurance Mandates

04 March 2019 | Media release
If you have a funeral deduction coming off your social grant you have to visit your SASSA office to ensure that you retain your policy. Social grant beneficiaries have to request SASSA to facilitate the payment of premiums for their funeral policies directly from their social grants, on condition that the request meets the requirements as set in the Social Assistance Act.
Approximately 500 000 beneficiaries with these policies still need to visit SASSA offices to complete forms confirming that SASSA can continue processing the deduction off their social grants. A funeral policy premium is the only deduction that is allowed to come off a social grant before the grant is paid to the beneficiary.
Beneficiaries with current deductions for funeral policy premiums are urged to respond without further delays to ensure that their funeral policies remain intact. Failure to visit SASSA to sign the authorising forms may lead to SASSA terminating the deductions. This may result in the policy lapsing as a result of failure to pay it. If the premium is not paid consistently the insurer may refuse to pay a claim in the event of the death of a beneficiary, which will cause hardship to their families.
This affects only those beneficiaries who have funeral policy premiums deducted from their social grant. Those beneficiaries without such deductions need not approach SASSA for this purpose.
Issued on behalf of SASSA.
Media enquiries: Paseka Letsatsi (Spokesperson)
082 883 9969

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