Deputy Minister Henrietta Bogopane-Zulu assures the beneficiaries that their grants will be paid next year

By Phaladi Seakgwe
Social Development Deputy Minister Henrietta Bogopane-Zulu visited the community of Lochiel in Mpumalanga today to engage with hundreds of elderly people in the area.
The Deputy Minister promised the people of Lochiel that their complaint about the non- existence of a proper paypoint structure is receiving attention from SASSA in the region. In making an undertaking the Regional Executive Manager for SASSA in Mpumalanga Moffat Mogane assured the elderly that the money to build a pay point is available and the process will begin in earnest.
The Deputy Minister further used the opportunity to reassure beneficiaries of social grants that come 01 April 2018, their grants will be paid. She also appealed to all the elderly present and grants recipient to take back the green card they are using to access their grants as it does not belong to government. " All those who went on their own to get the green card must return it. This card does not belong to SASSA. The only SASSA card we know bears the coat of arms, the SASSA logo and with the right colors", she said.
Moreover, she assured everyone that the SASSA card will continue to work even after the date of expiry and there is no need for panic. "I also want to remind you that the child support grant follows the child. You should not allow your children and daughters in law to dump their children with you and walk away with the cards as they continue to withdraw money elsewhere for their own benefit. If they leave the children with you, they must also leave their cards so that you receive the grants on behalf of the children", she concluded.


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